(Spoiler  - It's ok, she survived and no criminal charges were brought)

It was around this time that I started thinking about quitting my comfortable office job and heading out on my own as a full-time professional photographer. Well, why not?  By 2010 I'd photographed festivals, U2 in the Millennium Stadium, and just about every indie and pop act you could think of, and I was one of just a handful of photographers holding the golden ticket to photograph Lady Gaga, the brightest star in the world.  Without too much humble bragging, I'd made it there because I was capable, reliable and able to work under pressure. So why not make the leap and go it alone?  Truth is, yes, the day job was a cosy comfort zone and the guaranteed income was undeniably welcome but, more than that, (gasp!) I just wasn't sure that I wanted to shoot weddings.

Lady GaGa in CardiffLady GaGa in Cardiff So, I carried on working in the office by day and the photo pit by night, whilst also seeing my music and wildlife photography published by the likes of National Geographic, the Guardian, The Times, Cardiff Life, Virtual Cardiff, Buzz magazine, the Digital Fix and the BBC. Eventually my brother decided to get married and there was no escaping the task of shooting a wedding. Guess what?  After dreading it for so many years I found that I absolutely loved every second of it. There's such a unique thrill in having the responsibility of capturing the magical moments of someone's big day and the skillset is the same as I'd thrived on in the photo pit. What's important is not the photographer's ego, it's about being unobtrusive, capable, reliable and able to work under pressure to capture once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Music PhotographyBoyzone in Cardiff In 2018 I decided it was time to make the leap and forgo the safe job in order to do something that I genuinely love and that brings joy to my clients. Having made that leap I invested in top quality equipment and boosted my skills with an accredited course in advanced wedding photography at First Point Photography. 


So, what are you letting yourself in for if you invite me to capture the magic of your wedding? Well, I'm Steve, newly arrived in Orkney after  living in Cardiff for most of my life. I'm passionate about photography, music, Tottenham Hotspur, our floofy cat and the environment. When I'm not working you will often find me watching Hen Harriers in the rain. I'm not someone that has spent a lifetime photographing weddings, but I'm ready to bring the thrill and magic of shooting the likes of Lady Gaga and U2 to your big day. Give it some thought and then get in touch for a pressure-free conversation about what I can bring to your wedding. You bring your plans and I'll buy the coffees.

ps...As of 2022, I no longer operate as a commercial business.  If I choose to work with you I will ask you to donate to the Papdale Primary School Fund rather than to pay me a fee,

best wishes